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Blessing & Releasing

Blessing & Releasing

Last week was wild, wasn’t it? Tuesday we entered a month-long Mercury Retrograde and on Wednesday Uranus moved into Taurus, ushering in a brand new seven year cycle. The old has completely run its course. It’s time for a whole new energy and approach to this next chapter of our lives.

The start of anything can be rocky as we find our footing. I heard somewhere the other day (and I’m paraphrasing), don’t be bummed that you don’t have it all figured out right now - think of it this way - you have the next seven years to perfect this energy! I’ve been feeling the wobbles pretty dramatically, finding myself called to do even more purging, a theme that’s been active in my life for the past several months. So I continue the subtle, sometimes emotional, work of blessing many old parts of my life, and letting them go. This includes stuff - paperwork, clothing, shoes, gadgets - but also less tangible things - relationships, energetic alliances, situations and ways of being in the world that no longer serve or feel fulfilling. This process can be clunky, peppered with tears and a fair measure of paralysis, but doing this heavy lifting always brings rewards (though many times we can’t see them right away).

I have been eerily slow at work, and I am choosing to accept this as a gift. The other morning after Izzy went to daycare I sat down in my bed and took pen to paper - so rare these days - both sitting in bed and taking pen to paper! After a few minutes of freewriting, it became obvious that I had some resentments to examine. As I teased them out on the page, I received valuable insight. They all seemed to trace back to the same point of origin - a deeply rooted trigger for me about abandonment and victimhood.

As I sat with this truth, my awareness of it began to shift. I recognized that underneath the anger (my usual go-to emotion), there was a deep sadness, especially in regards to a particular person from my past. I allowed myself to connect with that sadness, to really feel it and sit with it. As I did that, I realized what I actually needed was to allow myself to mourn what was …to grieve a relationship once so precious to me, that had evaporated long ago.

After a good bout of ugly crying, something miraculous happened. I reconnected with the love I have for this person. My heart filled with their goodness, and I smiled big. I silently celebrated our shared past: our fun memories and crazy experiences, and the many times we helped each other out of the dark. I sent this person love. I wished this person well.

Then I blessed this and let this person go.

So much healing. So much grace in that.

After my writing session, I spontaneously took to clearing a huge pile of file folders that have been collecting dust, stacked up in my kitchen hutch for months. It was cathartic. So much of it was just trash! Simply junk that needed to be-- yup, released. Let go of. I don’t need it anymore. It’s no longer relevant or useful to my life, but I’ve held on to it - afraid to deal with it - afraid to even look at it. Exhausted and defeated by it, without even trying to tackle it.

And you know what? Once I got down to it, it wasn’t that bad at all. It actually felt pretty darn good. Putting things in their right place. Creating space for the things I want to keep in my life, and moving everything else out. Being specific. Choosing. There’s empowerment in those conscious choices.

I suspect many people are struggling with something right now. My best message has been to slow down and get quiet. Let yourself rest; we all need a lot of rest these days! Maybe put pen to paper. Things come through this way. Otherwise, you might find yourself wading through the next few weeks with a vague feeling of discontent or maladjustment but miss the gift under the surface. Something pretty deep is happening. You definitely have a message for yourself, and it’s for your higher good. If we are informed, present and do the work, the message will emerge.

And in case you want more info - or you’ve been feeling weird, wonky, dreamy, uptight or confused - below is a short list of some of my resources for energy surfing. These Goddesses are all pretty magical, and offer compassionate insight and suggestions for navigating these intense and transformative times. And they’re all 100% free! Obviously, these things are subjective and highly personal; just because something resonates for me doesn’t mean it will for you - so take what you like, and leave the rest! I’d love to know what sites/people/forecasts you use, too - please feel free to comment and share!

Thanks for reading and sending you all mad love. It is truly all good. We’re on the path!

Kari Samuels -Monthly numerology/astrological forecast videos; helpful, positive and inspiring, with specific suggestions for navigating the energies of each month, towards the end.

Gina Piccalo -Weekly astrological forecast that’s pretty much spot on.

Jennifer Racioppi - Same! Grounded helpful advice and astute observations!

Chani Nicholas - A friend just hipped me to her and…wow! Check out her March forecasts for both your Sun and Rising sign (if you know it!)…super resonant for me!

Sarah Vbra - Deep and detailed tarot/astrology intuitive video readings - she does a general one for the month, plus one for each sign. She seems quite gifted, and usually blows my mind.

Doing the Thing

Doing the Thing