Hello, my name is Rachel.

I’m a hyphenate…writer, voice actor, audiobook narrator, singer, mom, wife, homeowner, animal lover, Crossfit enthusiast, health & wellness geek, and overall Believer in Magic.

I’ve come to realize the value of living my process outloud; this blog is a place to do that. I write about what’s on my mind and heart. If my words resonate, or help you to identify, examine and/or move through your own thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, that is a blessing for both of us (and I’d love to know about it!). We’re all on our journeys and I hope what I share here might serve to inspire, entertain or just help you feel a little less alone along the way.  

Some things I’m working on right now? Staying connected to and aligned with my own inner voice and guidance. Learning to move in step with the universe and it’s rhythms, honoring it’s timing and wisdom. Developing a friendship with seen and unseen forces of good. Discipline. Creativity. Vibrant Health. Work-Life Balance. Attracting and connecting with more of my tribe, so we can support each other and move through this brave new world together.

I am so glad you’re here!